After cancelling the 2020 festival due to the pandemic, the 2021 Woolly Worm Festival will be held this year on October 22nd through the 24th in downtown Beattyville. 

   This year’s festival will be celebrating it’s 34th year! 

       The woolly worm is believed to forecast the weather for the coming winter season. A woolly worm’s body has 13 segments-each corresponding to a week in winter. If a segment is light brown, that means the week will be mild. If a segment is black, that means a harsh, cold week. The worm acted as a weather predictor for many old time farmers who would harvest crop and cut firewood in preparation for the upcoming winter.

       This festival is a 3 day event and officially begins Friday evening at 5:00pm. 

     Saturday, the festival begins at 9:00am and runs late with live entertainment. Sunday’s festivities begin at 9:00am and last till the closing ceremony at 5:30pm. 

    Beattyville is located 20 minutes south of Highway 11 from the Beattyville/Slade exit 33 off the Mountain Parkway. 

  -Woolly Worm races every day with the championship races at 4:00pm on Sunday. Participants, both children and adults, can bring their own Woolly Worm. 

     Rules of Woolly Worm Racing:

1) The worm you are racing must be a Banded Woolly Bear. 

2) Place your worm on the string below the starting mark until the whistle is blown. 

3) when whistle sounds, let woolly worm go. 

4) Once your woolly worm climbs past the starting mark on the sting, you are not allowed to touch him. 

5) First worm to the top WINS! Winners are qualified for the Championship Race on Sunday.

6) Grand Champion Woolly Worm is the official weather predictor of the year! 

   -The Woolly Worm Festival 5K Race is always a good event to participate in. You can run, walk, skip, or crawl across the finnish line! 

  It is scheduled for Saturday, at 8:00am from the Beattyville/Lee County Fire Department on HWY 11 North.  Registration starts at 7:00am and the race will start at 8:00am. Early Bird Registration is $20.00 and Race Day registration is $25.00 to participate! For more information call (606) 464-5018 or email All proceeds go to Lee County ATC HOSA/Health Science Programs.

  -Crafts: Over 150 vendor both along Main St. featuring local handmade products and goods.

    - Food: Blooming opinions, BBQ, funnel cakes, teriyaki chicken skewers, and the unique Frankenspud! 

     - Live entertainment on 2 stages. 

   -WW Car Show: The WW Car show always brings in various classic cars and is located behind the former Beattyville Elementary/ Beattyville Grade building. Over 130 classic cars from all over the state are parked and pristinely displayed from 9:00am to 4:30pm.Registration is $15.00 and starts at 9:00am on Sunday of the festival. 

     The annual event will feature a “Top 100” trophies, top motorcycles and miscellaneous, and numerous “Business Choice” awards. There is also a Best of Show Award.

   Be sure to check the updated schedule and entertainment lineup at

    Beattyville is located 20 minutes south of Highway 11 from the Beattyville/Slade exit 33 off the Mountain Parkway.  If you would like vendor information contact the Woolly Worm Festival Committee at (606) 464-2888.

     NOTICE: Parade Canceled for 2021.

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