6/3- bbq chicken sandwich, sides

6/4- fish sandwich, sides

6/7- pork chops, sides

6/8- turkey, sides

6/9- chicken tenders, sides

6/10- chicken tetrazzini, sides

6/11- cheeseburger, sides

6/14- spaghetti, sides

6/15- bbq chicken sandwich, sides

6/16- pizza casserole, sides

6/17- turkey, sides

6/18- herb chicken, sides

6/21- pork chop, sides

6/22- sloppy Joe and macaroni casserole, sides

6/23- fish sandwich, sides

6/24- bbq chicken, sides

6/25- cheeseburger, sides

6/28- baked spaghetti, sides

6/29- beans w/ ham, sides

6/30- chicken cordon blue, sides

More info call (606) 464-8005

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