A Quick Note About Tonight's (1-15-21) Game from Lee Co Athletic Director, Tony Barrett
If you plan to attend the Lee-Owsley double-header tonight at LCMHS, please know that the safety of everyone in attendance is of our utmost importance. In order to do this, we ask that each fanbase remain on the designated side of the gym.
-There will be temperature checks at the door before purchasing a ticket. Only those with vouchers will be allowed to enter the facility due to capacity limitations. If you want to come and don't have a voucher, contact a player or coach. They may have extra.
-Lee County fans will enter through the regular gym lobby gate and sit in the bleachers on the auditorium side of the gym. Lee County fans will use the concession stand and restrooms on that side of the gym.
-Owsley fans and teams will enter through the main front HS doors and sit in the bleachers on the classroom side of the gym. They may use the restrooms underneath the bleachers and the concession stand
-Masks must be worn at all times by everyone in the gym except those players and refs actively involved in the game.
-Family units or those who travelled in the same vehicle must sit together and 6 feet apart from other groups.
If you have any questions, please contact me at LCMHS 464-5005.
Thanks! ~ Tony Barrett, Lee Co Athletic Director.
P.S. Remember, you can subscribe to https://www.nfhsnetwork.com online to watch the games live. Proceeds go to the Lee County Athletic Dept.
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