Chocolat Inn to Hold Craft Chocolat Challenge for Bean to Bar Makers

 By Kara Thorpe BE Editor. Info via Dustin Cornett. 

    After Chocolat Inn owners Dustin and Mai Cornett entered their first Craft Chocolate Competition earlier this year, on October 9th they announced that they will be hosting their own challenge this coming January. 

   “I decided to create a chocolate tasting challenge after my first experience entering them. I felt the lack of feedback was something very needed for such a young industry in craft chocolate. I am making my challenge very centered on feedback, data, and market research to help the industry grow with the fun of a challenge. I strongly feel craft chocolate can be bigger than craft beer and even specialty coffee, it just needs to find the right way to grow that helps educate potential customers along the way.

 This event will be for bean to bar makers only. Each participant will receive detailed feedback for each entry they send in and also market analysis to help their business and the craft chocolate industry. Categories will included dark, white, milk, inclusion and top overall. At this time, the Cornett’s are one of two bean to bar makers in the state of Kentucky. There are over eight hundred known worldwide. If you would like more info on sponsoring the 2022 Craft Chocolat Challenge, please email

       Also, don’t forget that on Saturday, December 11th, Chocolat Inn will be hosting an outdoor Christmas Market from 05:00PM to 07:00PM. 

     Sticks, Stones & Stitches Appalachian Craft Store along with Shadytown Farm, Greenhouse & Floral Arrangements will be amongst vendors at the Christmas Market. 

   Stay up to date with all Chocolat Inn & Cafe’s events, menu items, and more by following their Facebook page. 

     They are located at 1165 Highway 11 South, Beattyville KY 41311 and are open Thursday and Friday 7AM to 2PM and Saturday 9AM to 2PM.

       I am inviting a unique panel of judges to stay at our inn and taste chocolate sent from anywhere in the world. We need your help spreading the word. Part of the overall goal is spreading awareness about the world of craft chocolate and reaching people to help us achieve that goal. We need to connect with food writers/bloggers, local & regional media, culinary experts, and other likeminded individuals to help tell the story. We also need to connect with people/businesses that want to sponsor our goals. Lastly, we need to reach the people we are set out to help, those being the chocolate makers looking to show off their craft, test out new batches, and be part of all of it!” Stated Cornett via Facebook on October 9th. 

         Dustin and wife Mai started their journey in the world of chocolate after discovering Dustin’s grandmother’s bonbon recipe. They wanted to add their own touch to her already wonderful candies and made their own chocolate to coat them in, crafted from cacao beans. 

     The event’s judging panel will consist anywhere from culinary experts, chocolatiers, or people who just love chocolate in general. Bars will be judged on looks and taste along with packaging. Participants will also need to state where their cacao is ethically sourced from along with an ingredient list. This event will be free to join, however this is NOT an event open to the general

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