On Monday April 8th 2019, Beattyville City Council held their regular monthly meeting at City Hall at 6pm. 

     Elizabeth Cundiff from America In Bloom was unable to attend, however requested that City Council members consider attending the next AIB meeting to discuss the possibility of sponsoring a flowerbed. Mayor Jackson told the council members if they did not wish to or were unable to attend the AIB meeting, AIB could be present at May’s City Council meeting. 

    Paul Nesbitt of Nesbitt Engineering informed members and attendees that the sewer project will be completed in approximately five weeks. 

      Teresa Mays wanted to thank the city employees who helped make Thunder On The River a success. She stated there were fifty one rigs registered along with three food trucks and several vendors. She said she was pleased with the turnout and the music. 

       It was also stated that the Fire House Project is now complete. One council member asked if there was any possibility that there will ever be a new downtown sewage system that may be less odor than the current one. Paul stated that doing so would be a massive multimillion dollar project and that even just relocating the existing sewer would still be a couple million. 

      One attendee of the meeting from the general public was present to discuss the issue with stray animals in town defecating on homeowner’s lawns and property along with the issue of many pet owners chaining their animals, dogs specifically, with log chains. This person’s request was that the city either update their leash law/ordinance or run the current ordinance in one of the local papers as a reminder to citizens. The mayor informed the person that it would cost too much money to run the whole ordinance in the newspaper and if it was to be updated/changed, then the city would have to run it again anyways. The council stated they could possibly do a PSA stating that the ordinance will soon be looked into and possibly changed. Mayor Jackson gave the concerned citizen a copy of the ordinance and informed him to look over it and if they found anything they thought needed changed or added, then to come back to next month’s meeting in May. 

Bob and Linda Smith brought forth a request for the city to assist with the annual Fourth of July firework show in the amount of $1,500.00, which is what the city/council agreed to last year. The council approved that they would give the funds for the fireworks but were unsure on the amount they could give and whether or not it would be or exceed the requested $1,500.00. 

 Two members of the Board of Directors of the Beattyville Country Club was present at meeting to discuss the fate of the club. The two attendees were hoping that the council or mayor could offer insight on how they could revive the interest of new members including younger individuals. It was stated the club was low on funds and that the upkeep of the club is outweighing the memberships profit which is $400 a year for a membership along with a $75 per year for cart storage. School age players play for free. The club blames competition with Sag Hollow for some of the loss of membership due to the fact of Sag Hollow serving liquor and beer and also having cart rentals. In conclusion to this request, they were informed to attend the tourism committee’s next meeting and that maybe they would find more assistance there. 

  Wilma Kelly of Beattyville Housing was present to discuss concerns for the costs of utilities along with repairs of the future homeless shelter specifically with the water. After Wilma stated her concerns and thoughts, it was suggested that she come back in about six months once that shelter is running thoroughly and they will discuss the status of these issue then. The mayor also signed a proclamation recently declaring April as Fair Housing Month in Lee County. 

      The council agreed to donate $100 to Project Prom. 

     The council was each asked to look over the draft budget. This budget included an annual 2% raise to employees along with a slight increase on health insurance and retirement benefits. This budget will not need to be approved for another two months. 

   Before going into executive meeting, it was agreed to add Teresa Mays a phone line to City Hall’s current phone plan. This was already discussed and agreed on at a prior meeting, however it was not added onto the minutes therefore had to be voted on again. The council was to decide between adding a line for Mays as opposed to paying a portion of her own current bill while requiring minute usage reports. 



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