The July City Council Meeting started with the traditional prayer led by Councilman Sam Cockerham. The Mayor, then, proceeded to welcome visitors after calling the meeting to order and approving the prior meeting minutes.

The Council and Public Works Director, Ferrell Wise, discussed the 4 water leaks that had happened over the course of the month. The most recent one, that they had repaired, was the day of the meeting on Hwy 498 that serves Bear Track, Hwy 498, Fairground Ridge, (that includes the Three Forks Regional Jail and the Lee County Adjustment Center), and the various other communities along Hwy 52. 

They had also, repaired a leak at 2016, and in front of Brenda’s BBQ, including a repair at the nursing home where the line had not been touched since 1972 and new parts are needed. The Boil Water Advisory for the Hwy 498 is still underway until at least Wednesday. 

Nesbitt Engineering, then, gave a quick report of the project that is still underway at the Lee County Adjustment Center. It is almost complete and everything is running smoothly.

The Council, then, looked over the new deed concerning the small patch of land for parking that the Beattyville Christian Church requested.

The Council, then, moved on with the passing of the ordinance concerning an incentive program for new businesses that come to Beattyville. Also, the Mayor and Main Street Director, Teresa Mays, informed the Council that they had applied for a USDA grant for the Farmer’s Market that can include carts and possible commercial kitchen somewhere within the City. The grant applied for is in the amount of $57,120.00. 

The Council, then, proceeded to approve the Financial Report and the Mayor announced that the Hope Station (homeless shelter) had moved to its new location on Hwy 11/Booneville Road and is no longer within the city limits. They moved to the new location July 1st as per their agreement with the City Council.

As the meeting progressed, Police Chief Steve Mays gave his report to the Council stating 121 calls and 23 arrests had been made in June. Also, the City is still looking for someone to fill the position of School Resource Officers. If anyone is interested, please contact City Hall at 606-464-5007.

The Council meeting ended with Councilman Sam Cockerham making the Mayor and City Council aware of some vandalism concerning the newly renovated planters by AIB (America in Bloom). Someone had been digging through them and stealing some of the plants. The Council is aware of it and will not tolerate the disrespect and is appreciative of AIB and the work of their volunteers for helping beautify the city.


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