Happy Birthday to Don Begley, owner of Don Begley Auto Sales of Main Street. Don will turn seventy two on Thursday September 5th, 2019. Don is the son of the late Hiram and Agnus Begley and one of five siblings who resided in the South Fork area of Lee County while growing up. Don joined the army during the Vietnam War where he also attended Drill Sargent School in Fort Knox Kentucky. In 1971 he married Cathy Cornelius and later had two sons along with one grandson. Don was thirteen years old when he would walk to Booj Jones’ Ford where he worked one hour before school and two hours after. In 1987 Don started his own pre owned car sales on Route Eleven while also working at the Ford dealership in Jackson. In 1992 he purchased the lot on Main Street where he employed one mechanic. Today, Don employees eight mechanics at his garage on Main Street where he has been located now for twenty seven years.

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