By: Douglas Moore - Columnist

There’s an old joke that goes, ‘a prosecuting attorney can get a Grand Jury indictment against a ham sandwich’. So, during a midnight raid by Louisville Metro Police, an innocent 26 year old women is shot to death, her lifeless body riddled with bullets lying in a pool of blood on the floor of her own apartment. Not only are there no charges filed, according to Attorney General Daniel Cameron, nothing was done wrong, everything was above board and strictly by the book.But with the release of 15 hours of recorded Grand Jury testimony, inconclusive findings from the ballistic report, and conflicting accounts from the police, the cracks are beginning to appear, leaving many unanswered questions. Such as, what evidence did Attorney General Daniel Cameron present to the grand jury and what charges did he recommend. According to Cameron, the jury deliberations and his recommendations were not recorded because they “are not evidence”. Why did the initial Police Incident report released 3 months after the botched raid, list Breonna Taylor’s injuries as “none”, and state “no forced entry” even though a battering ram was used to knock the door completely off the frame. Another grand jury member has now come forward disputing A.G. Daniel Cameron’s explanation of why no one was charged in the killing of Breonna Taylor.

   On March 13th, a “No-Knock Search Warrant” was issued to find evidence linking Breonna Taylor to her ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover, a known drug trafficker. Glover was arrested more than ten miles away earlier that same night. Four months later on July 13th, Jamarcus Glover was offered a plea-deal if he would name the deceased Taylor as a member of his organized crime syndicate, he refused. In a released statement from Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine, he now says that a mistake was made and that Glover never should have been offered a deal. But one must ask, was offering Glover a plea-deal just one more attempt to justify the killing of the innocent Breonna. There were no drugs, drug-paraphernalia or illicit cash found in the apartment, in fact, Breonna Taylor had no criminal record at all.The police have earned and deserve our respect, they have a tough, sometimes even thankless job and a sworn duty to serve and protect that carries an incredible amount of responsibility. But in order to have more public trust in the integrity of community policing there must be a higher standard of accountability and over sight. Our political leaders have failed in their jobs by cutting funding to programs that have turned our police officers into glorified social workers. Now, in addition to maintaining public order, responding to emergency calls, preventing and investigating crimes, they are now being stretched to the limit with the added responsibility of dealing with the homeless and the mentally ill.What would your reaction be if you heard someone breaking down your door in the middle of the night? Would you hide under the bed, dial 911, or grab your gun and start firing to protect your family and property? But, just remember in less time that it takes you to read this sentence, the police must make a split-second decision that will have life and death consequences. But that does not mean that we accept the death of Breonna Taylor as collateral damage, or just one more sad statistic. Could there have been a much easier, less tragic, less deadly way to serve a search warrant against a person that police admit was a “soft target” posing “minimal threat”? There are no easy answers, but as citizens of a free democracy we must never fear asking the questions.I say a prayer for President Trump and First Lady Melania and for the healing of our country...please stay safe my friends.

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