A special Fiscal Court meeting was held this past Friday. (The regular meeting for the month of January 2020 will be held Thursday January 9th at 6pm.)

       The special meeting brought in a slightly larger crowd than usual due to the resolution of Lee County becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary county or not. The resolution was passed unanimously just a few minutes after the meeting began. 

   What does it mean to live in a Second Amendment Sanctuary County or City? This is a vigorous movement that has been moving across many counties in and out of Kentucky declaring that these places will not enforce any “gun control” laws that the Democratic General Assembly may pass. These laws include high capacity magazine bans, assault weapon bans, red flag laws, etc. So far there are fourteen out of Kentucky’s one hundred and twenty counties that have declared themselves sanctuaries. 

    Another popular topic of interest at Friday’s meeting was the second reading of of the alcohol sales ordinance which was approved. According to Judge Executive Caudill, no one had approached him to file a liquor license yet, only individuals with questions pertaining to the licenses.

      While the city of Beattyville has voted in favor of serving/selling alcohol on Sundays, the county will not be doing the same.

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