Taking dual credit classes at Hazard Community and Technical College, while still in high school, made it possible for Emily Williams to spend only a year and a half at the university, greatly reducing her student debt and the total amount of time it will take her to obtain a professional degree. Williams is now a Biomedical Science Major at Morehead State University (MSU). She is part of the Class of 2025 at the University of Tennessee School of Pharmacy and already enrolled for the fall 2021 semester.


Williams began taking dual credit classes during the spring semester of her sophomore year in high school in 2017. She graduated from Knott County Central High School in 2019 with a 4.7 G.P.A.


She enrolled in 13 Dual Credit Classes while in high school (10 of them through HCTC and three through other colleges), so when she entered MSU, she was technically a second semester sophomore. 


“I had a wonderful experience at HCTC. The classes were challenging, and the professors provided the guidance and content that I needed to be successful. Even as a year-round student athlete who took Advanced Placement classes and carried a heavy course load, I was able to make great grades and excel in the dual credit classes. The foundational courses helped me to be successful once I began taking courses at MSU. I took Chemistry I as a dual credit student and was able to begin Chemistry II at MSU on an even playing field with those students who took their first semester of Chemistry I at MSU. The HCTC professors expected college level work but were easy to communicate with and provided assistance every time I reached out,” Williams said.


Williams is thankful the dual credit classes at HCTC allowed her to minimize the amount of time she needed at MSU prior to her acceptance into pharmacy school. “HCTC enabled me to spend only a year and a half at the university, greatly reducing my student debt and the total amount of time it will take me to obtain a professional degree. I am grateful for the opportunity to take so many basic classes while in high school and at a dramatically reduced rate,” she noted.

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