This month marks the beginning of annual enrollment period for 2020 Medicare health benefits plans (specifically October 15 through December 7). As part of an initiative to help seniors improve their overall well-being, this year, Anthem Blue Cross /blue Shield is offering more services to plan members at no additional charge. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, a leading Medicare Advantage provider in Kentucky, is offering a choice of wellness, social and support services at no extra cost including: fitness tracker, pest control, support for service dogs, and nutritional counseling with monthly plan staples.

This package of wellness services reflects a growing emphasis by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to address the underlying medical, behavioral and environmental hurdles to healthier living for Medicare-eligible individuals. This program is an important option for seniors on Medicare, many of whom are on a limited budget. Last year, one the most selected options was acupuncture – an important option, especially at a time when the nation is battling the opioid crisis.

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