Beshear bans

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear signed an executive order Thursday than bans all public gatherings. 

The COVID-19 count is climbing in Kentucky and Gov. Andy Beshear wants citizens to continue the practice of social distancing and signed an executive order that bans social gatherings.

The order includes churches and bingo halls and Beshear said, “all gatherings where people come together are closed.”

The number of cases across the state increased to 47 and Beshear announced a second person, a 64-year-old male from Jefferson County died on March 13. The number of counties reporting cases include Henderson, Daviess, Pulaski and Kenton County. Two deaths have been recorded from the coronavirus in Kentucky.

“This is one of those times where we’re going to have to breath a little bit,” the Governor said in a press conference Thursday in Frankfort. “We know we’re going to see new cases every day.”

In he last two days, 21 cases have been recorded in the state and Beshear is hopeful the order will help curb the number of cases in moving forward. He added no penalties will be invoked on violators and said, “that’s not the right thing to do and asked churches, their leaders and others to “do their duty.” He said violators won't be penalized.

“Any group that gets together is in violation of the order is going to spread coronavirus and what that does is it puts our most vulnerable at risk,” he said.

He downplayed rumors the Kentucky National Guard is prepping for a statewide lockdown.

“Folks, there’s noting remotely like that,” he said. “When you hear those things, breath. You can always get the right information from me or by our website Make sure you have good sources if news (and) good courses if news aren’t sources that scare you. They’re sources that inform you.”

— Keith Taylor

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