city hall

 By Gabby Jewell 

On Monday June 10, 2019, Beattyville City Council held their regular monthly meeting at City Hall at 6 pm. The meeting started with a short prayer and role call proceeded immediately after as well as welcoming visitors into the meeting. All was in attendance. 

After a few brief minutes of reading the packets placed in front of them regarding the resolution the discussion began 

The council discussed amongst one another about how the USDA is giving Lee County a grant for $48,900 to apply to two new police vehicles. The cost was unknown, so Steve Mayes was asked about the situation where he would have much more knowledge on the matter.

Police Cruiser Resolution is planning (looking into) buying a Durango for the price of $32,000 and a Charger for the price of $25000 

The Police Department is very interested in bringing a few more four-wheel drive vehicles into their work force. Having a four-wheel drive at their disposal would be very convenient for the officers on patrol during the winter times and much safer patrolling at night in bad weather conditions (colder weather?) and just all around more useful for the officers. The Motion was approved.  

After approving the Police Cruiser Resolution, the Council moved on to discuss the 2019/2020 Budget 2nd Reading. A few changes were made from the previous meeting which was adding Citizen Bank note on the general funds.   The second change to the budget made was adding a salary for Betty Sebastian who was recently hired at the police office as a part time secretary which was taken from the Street Side funds to help balance out the funds. The motion was approved.

After the approval of the changes made to the 2019/2020 2nd reading, The City Council moved on to the topic of the Deed for the Parking Lot for the Christian Church. Mayor Jackson begin the conversation stating he out had went to see Tom Hollon who expressed some concerns about the content of the deed. Tom Hollon explains that the deed is not very clear and has asked for the deed to be updated and to expand the parking lot by 20 feet long to 20 feet up.

David Lyons tackles the issues of school safety head on.   He discussed how the surveillance upgrades were going, which inside the Middle/High School has all been done. David went on to explain that they were waiting until a few things that took priority over other issues, which is being done while the kids are out for Summer break. The outdoor cameras are also being worked on diligently. David says that the budget is $300,000 and states that they are almost finished and explains that cards will be issued for entrance. David confesses that this has been a learning process for all those involved but it is very worth it. He also made sure to address that by August, the old master key will no longer work. David mentioned that they are still searching for an applicant for an SRO Position, when asked what the requirements are for this job, he answered short and simply to the point per usual; “They need to be a sworn in officer, pay is disclosed but will be discussed, really flexible schedules. “

Two concerned members of the community joined the council meeting to discuss their discomforts of the current way the homeless shelter is being ran by Beattyville Housing. Their first question was one many have asked many times before, which was when is the homeless shelter supposed to be moving? The Council members informed the two concerned members of the community that the homeless shelter would be moving July 1st, 2019. However, they did have more concerns to express relating to the homeless shelter. The residents of the Shelter are attempting to break into people’s houses and that they are out all hours of the night running around, and that the parking lot to the Shelter is always loitered with to many cars. They also expressed their aversion of the fact that there are little children living in this Shelter and want to know why. Another of their topics was their exasperation of one of the Homeless had a vehicle and a dog.  Their final concern was Beattyville Housings appalling “Blue House” and how they just let kids go behind the house in the filth and they wanted to know why its aloud to stay in that state and why there isn’t any inspections.

After further discussions on previous topics of the meeting, they finally adjourned.

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