Kentucky River Medical Center

In response to the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), Kentucky River Medical Center is taking measures to ensure the safety of our patients, visitors, staff and providers. 

“Our doctors and infection prevention leaders are following the evolving guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),” said Susie Robinette, CNO of Kentucky River Medical Center. “We encourage everyone to help prevent the spread of illness by being vigilant about hand washing and covering a cough or sneeze. If you suspect you may be infected, please call your primary care provider in advance.”

As part of the hospital’s commitment to patient safety, Kentucky River Medical Center will direct patients and visitors to use a single entrance to the hospital. Please check with us often as this policy may be updated due to the evolving coronavirus outbreak situation. You can find our visitor policy updates on .


  1. ALL visitors will be restricted from the hospital with two exceptions. A critically ill inpatient/end of life situation may have one visitor at a time, provided they are screened, and with the Administrator on Call’s approval, on a case by case basis. In addition, All visitors will be screened and given a sticker that includes the date.  A visitor approved to visit a critically ill patient will be screened at the entrance by the ER at the screening station. This will be staffed 24 hours.


  1. Public access to the hospital will be restricted to the entrance by the ER only. The front doors will remain locked from the outside and any traffic will be directed to the one entrance. Vendors who deliver to the hospital will also be screened. After the screening, the vendor can deliver equipment.
  1. The cafeteria will be closed to the public until further notice. It will remain open for employees only. 
  1. The gift shop will be closed until further notice.
  1. Kentucky River Specialty Clinic located at 40 KY Hwy 15, in Campton will be closed until further notice. 

“As you know, this is an evolving situation,” added Robinette. “I thank everyone for their cooperation and commitment to keep our patients, staff, visitors and neighbors safe.”


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