At 6pm last Thursday the Lee County School’s Board of Education held a special meeting to consider and vote on the option of the board taking the 4% rate of the school tax. According to the notice that the school board ran, the 4% rate does not mean that taxes will be increased by 4% but is the rate that would have to be set in order for the board to receive 4% more money than the amount that would be generated by taking the compensating rate. Present at this meeting was all board members minus financial officer; Tina Lucas who was absent. Also attending this meeting was some individuals of the general public. Like the last meeting regarding tax raising, attendees were asked to sign in on a separate sheet if they wished to speak. They were given so many minutes to voice their opinions, concerns or questions to the board. 

      The 4% increase will equal to 49 cents. Currently the rate was 47.7 cents, meaning that the raise will be 2 cents. Superintendent Watson stated in the notice that after studying the current budget that she has concluded that without the saving of funds in the past, the expenditures would exceed revenues and the only options are to increase income or decrease expenditures. Programs and positions have previously been cut and will not be looked at again. The new revenue amount after the increase will be approximately $35,225.60. She also included figures of where the money will be spent including $9k towards athletics at the middle and high school, $5,400 towards LCE field trips, $19,416.60 towards the HVAC projects and $1,409 to the sheriffs department for a fee of collecting the taxes. After a ten minute recess, the board voted on the increase. All members except Lamont Coldiron voted for the increase. 

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