Starting at 9:30am

    Commonwealth vs. Hahn, Paul II- pretrial conference for: felon with handgun, receive stolen firearm, theft under $10k

    Commonwealth vs. Hahn, Paul the 2nd- pretrial conference for: burglary

   Commonwealth vs. Keller, Jack Christopher- Status Hearing for: carrying concealed weapon, paraphernalia, trafficking meth. 

    Commonwealth vs. Maloney, Haley- Status Hearing for: paraphernalia, trafficking meth, tampering w/ evidence 

    Commonwealth vs. Farra, Kyle- sentencing for: trafficking meth, assault of officer, wanton endangerment of officer, resist arrest, fleeing police.

    Commonwealth vs. Feezel, Spencer- Motion hour

  Commonwealth vs. Silcox, Chancey- domestic assault, assault of officer, escape, fleeing police on foot, resist arrest. 

   Commonwealth vs. Stepp, Marie- Status hearing for: promise contraband.

    Commonwealth vs. Little, Joseph- Arraignment for: felon with handgun

    Commonwealth vs. Johnson, Ashley- cont. 1st appearance for: escape.

     Commonwealth vs. Cornett, James- arrangement for: sexual abuse (2 counts of), indecent exposure, bribing witness (2 counts of), promote sexual performance by minor/child under 16 yrs old, promote sexual performance by a minor/child under 18 yrs old. 

   Commonwealth vs. Johnson, Billy- trafficking meth, paraphernalia, possession of drugs. 

    Commonwealth vs. Holland, Sammy- status hearing. 

     Commonwealth vs. Ortiz, Heriberto- review. 

     Commonwealth vs. Mcintosh, Stevie- status hearing

    Commonwealth vs. Stamper, Randy- status hearing for: receive stolen goods.

    Commonwealth vs. Spencer, James- status hearing for: burglary.

    Commonwealth vs. Smith, Whitney- pretrial conference for: child abuse under age 12 1st degree

    Commonwealth vs. Johnson, Christopher- pretrial conference for: abuse of child under age 12 1st degree

   Commonwealth vs. Spencer, Christopher- escape, fleeing police on foot, receive stolen goods, criminal mischief, wanton endangerment.

     Commonwealth vs. Johnson, Dakota- status hearing- fleeing police, wanton endangerment, speeding, reckless driving, no insurance

    Commonwealth vs. Vires, Conley, Dwayne- status hearing- trafficking meth, trafficking drugs

    Commonwealth vs. Childers, Pamela- status hearing for: assault of officer

    Commonwealth vs. Shoemaker, Timothy- status hearing- trafficking drugs, prescription drugs not in container

   Commonwealth vs. Barrett, Travis- sentencing

     Commonwealth vs. Mays, Christopher- status hearing- felon with handgun, selling simulated prescription drugs, paraphernalia

     Commonwealth vs. Perdue, Jamie-sentencing for:  possession heroin, promote contraband, paraphernalia

    Commonwealth vs. Holiday, Sandra- status hearing for: theft by failing to make require distribution of property

    Commonwealth vs. Abner, David- status hearing for: promote contraband

   Commonwealth vs. Richardson, Penny- status hearing for: promote contraband

    Commonwealth vs. Turner, Jeffrey- status hearing for: receive stolen goods, fleeing police 

     Commonwealth vs. Thacker, Jesse P- status hearing for: receive stolen goods

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