Senior Citizen’s Center Jan. 2020 Menu/Schedule 

**Bring recipes for cookbook!**

1/8- potato crunch fish, sides. Senior circle bingo 10:30am.

1/9- breaded pork chop, sides. Shop Richmond 8am

1/10- potluck. Tai chi.

1/13- seasoned beans, sides. Tai chi, shop local, MOB

1/14- chicken dumplings, sides. Nutrition ed 10:30am.

1/15- salmon patty, sides. Bank bingo, bday 10:30am

1/16- turkey, sides. Lunch bus stop diner 11am

1/17- potluck. Tai chi.

1/20- CLOSED

1/21- fried chicken, sides. Tai chi. Senior games pool tourney @ Hazard/Perry Center. 

1/22- potato soup, sides. Bingo

1/23- cheeseburgers, sides. Visit nursing home

1/24- potluck. Tai chi

1/27- chili, sides. Tai chi, MOB

1/28- breaded pork chops, sides. Bingo

1/29- meatloaf, sides. Ronnie sings 10am

1/30- baked chicken, sides. Socialize

1/31- potluck. Tai chi. 


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