Lee Co Superintendent Update for the week of November 16- November 20
Lee County recently had a large increase in our incident rate on the KY COVID-19 map to 252.8. This is in large part due to a spike in cases at the local prison and we want to extend our thoughts and prayers out to the staff and inmates that are affected by this recent attack by the virus. With our number so high, we will be continuing virtual learning next week. However, we will continue to work in our small groups as planned by the schools. We want to keep all students and staff safe, so if your family has connections with anyone working in the prison we would ask you to hold off attending small groups until after Thanksgiving break. This would give the health department time to get a handle on the spread of the virus and reach out to those who need to quarantine. It will be important for our community to work together by wearing your masks in public places, not having large gatherings, and follow the guidance in our decision tree that was explained last week to determine if your child can come to the schools in small groups. The rise in cases in the state is concerning and, with the holidays coming up and more activities moving in doors, we all must do our part to help slow the spread of the virus.
We would like to remind you that lunch and breakfast may be picked up at either the elementary school or the middle high school on Monday or Thursday next week, and if your children are struggling with any of their work reach out to the schools and they will connect you with people who can assist you.
Thank you for your support through this challenging time.
Sarah Wasson
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