During the special called Lee County Board of Education meeting on August 3, the Board established an updated school calendar. This calendar will have students start on August 24. The board stated that There is still a choice for parents of in-person classes or virtual classes, and most parents have responded to their survey letting them know which choice they prefer. If there are still parents who have not communicated that with them, please call the schools or the central office and speak to Mr. Phillip Angel.

     If the governor asks schools to hold off in-person classes past the 24th of August, Lee Co. will start school all virtual on this date. 

      The Board will be establishing dates and times soon for parents to complete needed paperwork for the 2020-2021 school year and to get the devices to families who requested them in the survey. When this process is set up, they will send a phone call out to all parents as well as post more information on their district webpage and Facebook page.

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