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As every Tom, Dick and Harry start a new work week at their own respective “salt mines”, nearby is a Hardee’s, or Mcdonalds, or Bobcat Cafe that is full of Monday Morning Quarterbacks. We can be found having our coffee, forgetting our meds, and telling lies in every small town from here to Timbuktu. 

      Together, we have seen or done it all before, and whether we agree or disagree with each other; we are alright and almost All Right... Somehow we have managed our way out of the mines. 

      So please make sure that every one of you Tom, Dick and Harry’s out there tune in next week. I will be asking some tough questions of a Retired US ARMY Colonel who also holds the titles of Ranger/Engineer/Vietnam Vet and my brother in law. My topic will be Why the USA is NOT the greatest country in the world anymore. This should be interesting at the least. 

      If you get the notion, email me your lies, your thoughts, or my favorite, a good joke. I’ll leave you with a question today. If you like, send me your answer. 

      Here it is: Is humanity inherently good or evil? Wishing you a week of blessings and opportunities and may we all be well pleased with the outcomes. Take care. Food For Thought: 


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