All roads lead home

The February Fiscal Court had a packed house last Thursday evening as Gray Tomblyn, Commissioner for Dept of Rural and Municipal Aid and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet were on hand to discuss any highway and road issues that the community may have.

The Commissioner is one of many members of Governor Bevin’s Cabinet that is making an effort and getting out into the community to address any issues or concerns that they may have concerning their community.

At the beginning of the meeting, Kevin McIntosh, the Road Dept Supervisor and Solid Waste, gave their reports as the Court proceeded on to discuss the Pine Ridge Industrial Development Authority, pointing out Bob Smith’s resignation from the Board, causing the Court approve in appointing Meka Williams Herald as his replacement.

The Court, then, heard from Elizabeth Cundiff pertaining to America in Bloom. Then, proceeded on to hear from Sandy Gay of the USDA concerning large animal removal. She is working with the County to get funding and help with that. Then. Representatives from the Lee County Constant Care and Rehab approached the Court concerning their project, “Timeslips – I Won’t Grow Up”. They are looking for volunteers and help from the community. You can go on the Lee County Constant Care and Rehab Facebook page for more details.

Gary Tomblyn, along with Engineer, Corbett Caudill, then, approached the Court and answered questions concerning road repairs, specifically, Highway 52 West and East, and Center Street.

They already have money allotted for the repairs on 52 West, and will look into continued repairs on Center Street. (NOTE: Judge Caudill and Corbett Caudill met on Friday after the Fiscal Court meeting to discuss Center Street. They even spoke to some residents that live nearby. Even though, there is some erosion due to water drainage, the road is structurally sound, for now, despite the look of soil and trees running off underneath. However, they are looking to do a repair to help with the water erosion,)

Also, the Engineer said that they are beginning to put up signs this week concerning the turn lane that they are going to begin construction on going into Lee County Elementary School on Booneville Road, and also, reassured the Court that Highway 30 is going to be completed. They are working on grants to get utilities moved, etc in order to begin construction again.

After giving visitors the floor, the Court went on to approve the maximum amount of $101,516.98 for Sheriff’s Deputies and Assistants; approved Pam Barrett, Deputy Judge, to sign Payroll checks in absence of Treasurer only; approved pay raises for some County employees; and approved the first installment payment of the Ambulance Agreement in the amount of $33,813.57.

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