July Beattyville City Council meeting began at City Hall with the traditional prayer and Pledge to Allegiance, and the Council was on to welcome the visitors.

    Jesse Riley of KRADD, who replaced Donna Hardin, introduced himself to the Council. He will be keeping the Council informed of grants, etc that involve KRADD. He did remind the Council that the AML grant submitted for the WPA building may take 6 months to a year to see if it has been approved.

    Next, Linda Smith, a member of the Tourism Commission, asked Mayor Scott Jackson and the Council to approve the 2021 Woolly Worm Festival in Beattyville. They approved that request.

   There was a question asked about River Drive that is closed to drive-thru traffic due to a culvert needing repair, and the Mayor informed everyone that the Transportation Commissioner Jim Gray assured him that River Drive will be fixed, and it will most likely be replaced with another culvert, even though there were talks of a bridge instead, but a bridge would be too costly at this time. The City is just waiting on D.O.D. funds to do the repair. Meaning, the parade for the Woolly Worm Festival will have to take a different path this year once it has made its way through Main Street.

 The Council then approved the Draw for the I&I Sewer project, which they are hoping will be finished in September or October.

    They went on to approve the renewing of their line of credit at PEB, approved Hwy 11 relocation state program, and the American Rescue Plan Resolution that was given during the pandemic for funding for water treatment, park repairs, etc. $158,000 was allotted and has to be used within 3 years. This is not a matching plan, so the City will not have to pay anything back for these funds.

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