James S. Cornett, a former teacher at Owsley County High School, was indicted by a Grand Jury in Lee County on January 17.


Allegedly, Cornett subjected two students less than 18 years old to sexual contact, one at his home in 2003 and one at Community Christian in 2002. He was also indicted for exposing his genitals to someone while in the shower at his home in 2003.

According to court documents, Cornett tried to bribe two witnesses in 2017 to delete an incriminating video.


Cornett was charged with 2 Counts of sexual abuse 1st degree who is less that 18 years old, 1 Count of indecent exposure 1st degree (1st offense), 2 Counts of bribing a witness. The Grand Jury, also, charged Cornett with 1 Count of attempt promoting a minor in a sexual performance under 16, and I Count of attempt promoting a sexual performance of a minor under 18.

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