Kevin Fabian Kendall Charged with Manslaughter

Kevin Fabian Kendall

Kevin Fabian Kendall pleads guilty to two charges of Complicity of Manslaughter of Billy Roak and Jim Brown on Tuesday. He, also, plead guilty to the charge of the Facilitation of Kidnapping, and the charge of tampering with physical evidence. 

  Kendall’s first two charges will have him serving 17 years each. His third charge will have him serving 5 years, and his fourth charge will have him serving 5 years. These sentences are concurrent, so his total time spent in prison will be 17 years.

  Kevin Fabian Kendall shot Brown and Roak, execution style in the Hell Creek area in the Summer of 2016. Five others were involved in the shootings. They were Kasandra White, Wesley Johnson, Jay Shoemaker, Anthony Taylor, and Reagan Griffin.  

  Kendall’s formal sentencing is set for December 20th. 

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