LC Fiscal Court

The Lee County Fiscal Court met in Special Session on Thursday, May 23, 2109 at 4 pm in the Lee County Courthouse 2nd floor courtroom.  County Judge Executive Chuck Caudill called the meeting to order.  After a  prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, the roll was called and all were in attendance.  

     Bids were opened for the Mack Trucks and Grader.  There was one bidder for the Mack Trucks and that was World Wide Equipment Enterprises.  The price for each new 2020 Mack Truck with the specifications needed is $145,947.00.  It was stated that this price was comparable with last year's price of $138,000.00.  A motion was made and carried to accept the bid for the Mack Trucks.  The bid on the Grader was opened next.  Whayne gave a bid of $142,750.00  and Meade offered $180,000.00 with trade in.  A motion was made and carried to go with Meade.  Judge Caudill asked for permission from the court to allow the County Judge and County Treasurer to secure funding for the purchase of the Mack Trucks.  A motion was made and carried to approve the Judge and Treasurer to secure the funding.  A motion was made and carried to enter into the lease with Meade for the Grader and Backhoe, which they are providing as well. 

     In order for the court to take the trucks that we have that are going to be auctioned in Alabama, we need to send 4 people down with the trucks.  They have agreed to act as contractors, taking $400.00 each instead of the $679.00 to take the trucks to Alabama.  A motion was made and carried to approve the payment for the $400.00 each.  

     Beattyville Housing has a request in for us to take on a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to help them develop a sewage and water system in a new housing development.  Beattyville Housing will be the one that manages it.  Kentucky River Area Development District are the people who will get the grant.  It is a Community  Development Block Grant for housing.  Lee County has not used one of these since the purchase of the Health Department.  If we use this, it will not impact our ability to go out and get Community Development Block Grants for economic development.  Judge Caudill stated that he recommends doing it because it is a great way to increase housing.  A motion was made and carried to approve.  

     A couple of weeks ago, Jason Blackburn from the state came in and said that the state had rejected some roads that we thought were county roads and have county road numbers attached to them.  The Fiscal Court at the time did not vote them into the system.  Judge Caudill suggested that the court go ahead and approve they become county roads.  The roads are:  Left Fork Willard Johnson Road, Mays Road, Left Fork Mays Road, Pierson Road, Cherry Lane, Hamilton Ridge, Church of Christ Cemetery Road, Beartrack Lake Road, Right Fork Derrick Ridge Road, Palmer Cemetery Road, Spencer Cemetery Road, Right Fork Hamilton Ridge Road, Mooretown Hill Road, and Angel Falls Road.  A motion was made and carried to adopt them into the county road system since the county has been maintaining them.  

     A motion was made and carried to approve a $1,000.00 payment to Isaacs Inflatables for the Fourth of July celebration at Happy Top.  

     The county was awarded $730,000.00 for blacktopping of roads.  The agreement says that it has to be reimbursed.  That means that we have to pay it before they will give us the funds.  The state wants us to pay upfront and they will reimburse us.  If we don't get it, we may have to negotiate a line of credit to pay for it.  This is for 4 specific roads.  As soon as one road gets done, the invoice will be turned in to get the money for that road, instead of waiting until all 4 roads are done.  If it becomes necessary to get the line of credit, the approval of the Fiscal Court is needed.  A motion was made and carried to approve.

     A motion was made and carried to approve moving $30,000.00 from the General Fund to the Road Fund.  This will be for payroll until we sell these trucks.  It will be paid back by June 30, 2019.  A motion was also made and carried to approve payment to Hinkle in the amount of $2,088.00 for the asphalt put on Black Ridge Road from FEMA Disaster 4217.  We have been assured that FEMA is going to transfer the money into our account on May 28th.  

     The Lee County Fiscal Court needs to get a new truck for the County Road Department.  The coroner's truck broke down, the EMA's vehicle is on its last leg and the Road Supervisor has a truck that we believe would be a better fit for the EMA Director or for the Coroner.  We would like to replace the Road Supervisor's truck with a new truck from someone that is on the Master Contractor's list so we don't have to bid.  The truck is a Ford F-150 Full Size, 4 door truck.  A motion was made and carried to approve the purchase of the new truck for the Road Department in the amount of $31,000.00.  

     A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting.


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