Hey my name is Trenton Seale,                                 

I want to give a big thank you to the Lee County School district and the county for getting my two sisters and me a bus stop building so we don’t have to stand out in the weather anymore waiting on the bus.  My two sisters and I walk to the bus stop every morning.  It’s not a long walk but we have to wait on the bus for 10 to 15 minutes.  Some mornings it rains and we are dripping wet from standing out in the rain while waiting to catch the bus.  I got up with Judge Executive Chuck Caudill and asked him how I could get a bus stop building for the three of us.  Chuck responded and told me to speak to the LCMHS Principal, Debra Smith and see if she could help me get a bus stop building.  Mrs. Smith wrote down the distance that my sisters and I walked to the bus and how long we had to wait to be picked up by the bus.  Mrs. Smith told me that she would contact Mr. Lyons and put in a request.  A few days later, I asked Mrs. Smith if Mr. Lyons ever said anything about getting my two sisters and me a bus stop building.  She told me it would be a few days because Mr. Lyons had to get materials to assemble the building.  4 days later there was a bus stop building placed where we get picked up by the bus. I started with a problem and turned it into a solved problem by asking Chuck Caudill to help me get a building at the bus stop. Chuck told me to ask Principal, Debra Smith if she knew how I could get a bus stop building.  I want to thank the school system for helping the three of us get a building to stand in while waiting for the bus.  Also, I thank Judge Executive Chuck Caudill for helping me make it happen by directing me on how to start the process.  Also, Mr. Lyons for making sure the building was assembled and delivered.  I love my little county and the people that keep this county going.


                                                                                      Trenton Seale


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