Marcum and Wallace Hospital announces virtual ICU

 Mercy Health – Marcum and Wallace Hospital has formed a partnership with leading telemedicine technology provider SOC Telemed for a new virtual intensive care unit (ICU) located in the hospital’s medical unit.

   The partnership enables Marcum and Wallace Hospital to access critical care experts, also known as intensivists or doctors with advanced training and expertise in treating patients requiring complex care. SOC Telemed will use a virtual platform to work with the clinical staff and hospitalists at Marcum and Wallace Hospital so fewer critically ill patients are transferred out of the region.

    “With this partnership, Marcum and Wallace Hospital can access SOC Telemed’s network of board-certified intensivists virtually to create important care plans for critically-ill patients using evidence-based, best-practice-driven care,” says Marcum and Wallace Hospital President Trena Stocker. “The enhanced clinical decision making we’ve gained with the SOC Telemed partnership will support our efforts in caring for critically-ill patients locally.”

Marcum and Wallace Hospital will utilize SOC intensivists for 24/7 on-demand consultations, plus daily collaborative interactions with the entire onsite ICU team. The newly deployed virtual ICU workflows will help Marcum and Wallace Hospital improve patient care by providing: collaborative, daily patient assessments; in-depth patient evaluations to enhance care delivery; consistent communication between on-site providers and virtual intensivists, access to board-certified intensivists around the clock and palliative care ability and family discussions.

    Hospitals using SOC’s platform report improved care for critically ill patients, higher patient and provider satisfaction and improved quality and efficiency throughout the ICU.

   “We are proud to add Marcum and Wallace Hospital to the growing list of SOC Telemed partners,” said John Kalix, CEO for SOC Telemed. “SOC’s Critical Care specialists are a direct extension of the Marcum and Wallace Hospital clinical team. Their role is to provide guidance aimed at improving clinical quality while supporting the onsite care team and family members with life-saving patient care decisions. “

    Marcum and Wallace Hospital clinical staff completed virtual and in-person ICU training. Mercy Health Foundation Irvine provided funding for some of the equipment needed in the virtual ICU to connect the patient to the critical care expert.

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