Some number for the year 2020 as the year closed out for the Lee County Volunteer Fire Department.  

     Fundraising is down due to the pandemic. Yet, their runs are up from last year. They totalled 140 runs for 2019.  They totalled 162 runs for 2020. The followings are as follows: 68 Fires (Structure, vehicle, wildland, etc), 76 Medical Assist (vehicle accidents, lift assist, landing zones, etc), 3 Electrical Grid Incidents, 1 Animal Rescue, 7 Canceled In Route, and 7 Fire Alarm Activation/Smoke or Gas Odors

 During the past year, the volunteer fighters did over 2,500 hours of training (2,510.4), this is time taken away from family and other personal commitments to make sure that when the need arises, they are ready to respond and perform as efficiently and as safely as possible.

   They need support from the community now more than ever.  Please consider a tax deductible donation to help them continue to offer the best possible service to the community and keep the volunteers up to date with personal protective equipment.  Checks can be sent to the following address, and below it is their GoFundMe link.

   Lee County VFD PO Box 98 Beattyville KY 41311,

   Info via LC Fire Dept Facebook

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