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Hwy 52 West going into Beattyville is completely underwater due to flooding.      Aerial Photo Courtesy of Dennis Johnson

On Feb. 25th Judge Executive Chuck Caudill signed a declaration of a local state of emergency for Lee County, Kentucky. This stated that Lee County has received heavy rainfalls from Feb. 21st through 24th and has caused flash flooding among numerous road break and slides severely damaging the roads. Due to this, many Lee County residents are/were currently cut off from access to food, medical care and other needs. Flood borne debris and fallen trees have posed a health threat to citizens and this petition declared that local government has the responsibility to protect the public health, safety and welfare and to mitigate the effects of such events. This declaration directed that the local emergency operations plan shall be fully executed, the Emergency Management Director shall direct the Emergency Management Organization to provide assistance of local resources along with coordinating all agencies of local government to provide assistance to Lee County.

All agencies of Lee County shall cooperate to the fullest extent with Emergency Management Organization and shall provide such assistance for response to this emergency. Under this state of emergency Judge Caudill can waive procedures and formalities otherwise required by law pertaining to a.)performance of public work, b.) entering into contracts, c.) incurring obligations, d.) employment of permanent and temp workers, e.) utilization of volunteer workers, f.) rental of equipment, g.) appropriation and expenditure of public funds.

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Mayor Scott Jackson and Judge-Executive Chuck Caudill examine the flooding in Beattyville last Friday

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Kentucky River over Lock 14 in Heidelberg. Aerial Photo Courtesy of Dennis Johnson.

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