Daniel Boone played by Kevin Hardesty, will be performing at 7pm Aug 9th at the Three Forks Historical Museum to kickoff to the Old Engine and Tractor Show in “The First Kentuckian” presented by Kentucky Humanities. 

     It’s a pleasure to welcome you to this Kentucky Chautauqua pro- gram. Kentucky Chautauqua is a statewide service of Kentucky Humanities. We thank Kentucky Humanities for making this presentation possible as part of the mission of Telling Kentucky’s Story. Born November 2, 1734, to Pennsylvania Quakers, Daniel Boone lived a life lled with adventure, hardship and danger. He rst visited Kentucky in 1767, on a hunting trip with his brother, Squire. Eight years later, the Transylvania Company hired Boone to help create a permanent settlement along the Kentucky River. Boone played a crucial role in the exploration and settlement of Kentucky, and thus a critical role in America’s westward expansion. Tales of his exploits and adventures spread, creating an imaginative legend of Daniel Boone. In 1784, on Boone’s 50th birthday, author John Filson published The Discovery, Settlement And present State of Kentucke, which chronicled in detail the adventures of Boone and his family, continuing to grow the legend of Daniel Boone. 

       It is now 1785, and Boone is a businessman – running Boone’s Tavern in Limestone, Kentucky, survey- ing, trading horses, and speculating land. Kentucky Chautauqua is proud to present Kevin Hardesty as Daniel Boone in The First Kentuckian.

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