The Three Forks Jail is mainly comprised of a diverse population.  The jail receives inmates from many counties including:  Lee, Estill, Wolfe and others.  The jail has county and state inmates housed, for a total of over 300 hundred men and women.  The administration and staff have made an effort to help people leave with more than they came in with.  One of the priorities for Harvey Pelfry, jail administrator and Keith Combs, Captain, has been education.

Three Forks offers many programs and this spring the education program made a mad dash to success.  GED and NCRC (National Career Readiness Certificates) were issued at a high rate due to many factors.  Lee County Adult Education and their staff conducted classes every Monday to allow inmates to achieve the NCRC or GED.  Many individuals completed both.  This helped to boost the Lee County Skills U center to one of the best in the state.

“The jail was very accommodating and provided the staff with everything we needed,” said Cheryl Botner, head of Lee County Skills U.  “Jeff Reagan in booking was critical to helping our instructor learn the ropes and understand the facility.  Jon Holland, Richard Willoughby and Lee County Jailer Corbett Dunaway also were key players in the success at the facility.

In just four short months, the jail was able to have seven GED graduates and over 60 individuals attain their NCRC.  The NCRC is a practical set of exams that determines an individual’s readiness to work and their strengths and weaknesses in:  applied math, graphic literacy and workplace documents.  This success placed Lee County Skills U in the top 15 in the entire state.  Three Forks Regional jail was second among all correctional facilities in NCRC success.

“Three Forks Regional Jail should be commended for making a huge difference in our community.  These types of programs can only elevate the members of this community,” said Botner.  “The support has been awesome and I truly appreciate the effort put forth.”

Botner recently retire from Lee County Adult Education after 33 years of service.  She had over 4000 students come through her center, and over 500 GED graduates.  She has helped students over the years go on to medical school, nursing, education and career dreams.  

“Cheryl has had an amazing career in Lee County.  Her work has been nothing short of remarkable,” said Rita Rector, Executive Director (Bourbon, Estill, Franklin, Jackson & Lee County) Skills U Centers.  “She dedicated her life to helping others and the community.  Her love for adult education is second to none.  She will be greatly missed.”


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