Travis Adams- disorder. conduct. Larry Arvin- warrant. Chon Campbell- DUI, careless driving, no insurance. Samuel Campbell- violate prob. Bobby Combs- trafficking meth. Lindsey Conrad- DUI. Paul Crabtree- A.I. Jimmy Crank- A.I. David Fortner- theft of credit card, P.I., possession, unpaid support payments. Ralph Fugate- court fines. Robert Fugate- assault, resist arrest. Ethan Grigsby- P.I., threatening. Billy Gross- DUI. Larry Hall- domestic assault. Donnie Johnson- trespass. Michael Johnson- trafficking meth, reckless driving. Carlie Jones- no show. Travis Kidd- leaving scene of accident, disregard stop sing, no insurance, reckless driving. Jobie Kirby- P.i. Morgan Landrum- violate prob. Brandon Linnig- no show. Anthony Martin- unlisted. Emma Macintosh- no show. Lisa Mcintosh- violate release. Larry Mclemore- fraud use of credit car. Rebecca Moore- trafficking heroin. Rex Mosely- theft. Savannah Napier- violate prob. Bruce Neal- no show. Cody Norton- possession. Jeremy Patton- warrant. Dale Peters- A.I. April Riley- domestic assault, P.I. Linda Ritchie- court fines. William Sizemore- DUI. Jille Smith- P.I. Priscilla Spicer- P.I., trespass, false report of incident. Misty Stepp- court fines. Tyler White- DUI, no insurance. Zachary Wilson- domestic assault.


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