No photos for following: 

David Abner 9/18- no show. Patricia Adkins 9/15- no show. Destiny Baker 9/13- no license. Cathy Cole 9/14- no show. Travis Cox 9/15- violate release. Charles Creech 9/14- warrant. Rondel Lee Jonathan 9/16- no show. Destiny Downs 9/15- no show. Jeremy Edmonson 9/15- possession heroin. Brandy Fowler 9/15- P.I., A.I., false report of accident. Isaiah Hall 9/17- no show. Jeffrey Haney 9/17- trespass. Michael Hatton 9/14- warrant. Clinton Wayne Justice 9/17- dating assault, unlawful imprisonment. Jacob Luke Barnes 9/13- no show. Dustin Lovins 9/16- drug court. Christian Martin 9/14- possession stolen items. Monica Neal 9/18- P.I., trespass, menacing, threatening. Estill Sheriff Dept. David Porter 9/14- possession stolen items. Anthony Roberts 9/17- DUI. Charles Roberts 9/13- no show. Angel Sparks 9/17- DUI. Shawn Sparks 9/17- P.I.. Jonathan Walling 9/18- fugitive. Logan Troy Young 9/14- no show.

Beattyville Ent. uses mugshots w/ permission of Three Forks Regional Jail. No mugshots un-used by request- NO EXCEPTIONS! 

All deatainees innocent until proven guilty.

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