John Barrett- Lee County- suspended license, disregard stop sign, no insurance, no registration plates. Joseph Noland- Irvine PD- no show. Raymond Brush- arresting agents: probation & parole. violate release. Carl Smith- Clark Co. Sheriff Dept.- felon w/ handgun, tampering evidence, theft by failure to dispute property, persistent offender, no show. Tonya Lynch- Madison Sheriff Dept.-  trafficking heroin, trafficking meth. Michael Bishop- Madison Sheriff Dept.- no show. Dilo Neace- KSP- DUI, posession drugs, no license,, no insurance. Terry Bob- Breathitt Sheriff Dept- promote contraband. Ryan Griffith- KSP- DUI. Leeanne White- Estill Sher. Dept. - drug paraphernalia. Paul Masters- Irvine PD- DUI, reckless driving. David Southard- KSP- theft of auto parts, possession opiates, violate Kentucky EPO. Bryan Moore- laser/interference light directed at aircraft w/ disrupted travel. Charlie Keith- KSP- dating assault. Johnny Kilburn- OC Sher. Office- possession meth. John White- Breathitt Sheriff Dept.-  DUI, felon w/ handgun, trafficking meth, trafficking heroin. Jordan Johnson- OC Sheriff Dept.- burglary.


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