In August of 2016, Kentucky State Police found the body of Billy Roark, 28, along Hell Creek Road. The following day, the KSP investigation lead to them a second body, also on Hell Creek Road. That body has been identified as James Brown, 36 that led KSP to the arrest of Anthony Taylor, thanks in part to a call from Wesley Johnson.

 Wesley Johnson had called 9-1-1 saying his friend, Billy Roark, had been shot on Hell Creek Road. Johnson told investigators that Taylor, along with four others, made him and Roark get out of their vehicle on Hell Creek Road. Johnson claimed he and Roark were threatened at gunpoint.

 According to KSP, Taylor and another man, Kevin Kendall, assaulted Roark by hitting him with their pistols. The three then walked off the roadway and ordered Roark to his knees. Kentucky State Police say that is when Roark was shot.

 Investigators say Taylor admitted to being at Hell Creek Road with Roark and the rest of the group, but says he did not shoot Roark. He claimed a man with them named Jay Shoemaker shot Roark. Another citation says Taylor blamed Kendall for the shooting.

 During their investigation, KSP found blood on Taylor's truck and in it. Taylor said his truck was at the scene.

 Kevin Kendall was, also, charged with these two murders. According to an arrest citation, Kendall told investigators that Taylor killed Roark. Kendall, also, led KSP to Brown's body. Kendall said Anthony Taylor finished him off." Kendall says he witnessed the shooting death of Brown.

 There were a total of four people involved in the murder of Roak and Brown, but only three are being sentenced Friday. Anthony Taylor is being sentenced for 2 counts of murder, kidnapping, and tampering with evidence. Kevin Kendall is being sentenced for 2 counts of murder, kidnapping, and tampering with evidence. Jay Shoemaker is being sentenced for 1 count of murder on Friday.

 Also, Anthony Scott Lee is set to be sentenced Friday for the murder of his brother, Forest S. Lee, in 2018. 

 Forest and Anthony were arguing when Anthony grabbed a gun, and fatally shot his brother, Forest. Anthony, then, fled the scene on an ATV, before police caught him the following day.

 Lee is being sentenced for 1 count of murder, 2 counts of wanton Endangerment – 1st degree, tampering with physical evidence, arson – 1st degree, and fleeing and evading police – 1st degree.

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