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The Lee County Fiscal Court called a Special Session last Thursday night at 6pm concerning the payroll for the Lee County Ambulance Service.

Steve McIntosh of McIntosh Ambulance Service out of Breathitt County petitioned the Fiscal Court for a second time for money, in order to make payroll for the Lee County Ambulance Service’s 11 employees last week.

McIntosh Ambulance Service holds the contract for the Lee County Ambulance Service and manages the service.

McIntosh pointed out that he does not pay himself, because money is so tight and to help with Payroll. He does this, because the last thing he wanted to do was to approach the Court again for more money, but the money just isn’t there.

Magistrate Dennis Pelfrey had concerns due to the lack of ambulances available. He is hearing many complaints from his district about the lack.

County Attorney, Tom Hollon, interjected and stressed to McIntosh that he does not understand why the cost of Payroll was not considered prior to McIntosh taking the contract. Magistrate Harvey Pelfrey, then suggested that McIntosh take out a loan for the payroll. McIntosh answered by saying despite his good credit, he cannot get a loan based on the ambulance service’s general decline. McIntosh’s staff even confirmed the lack of funds that the ambulance service has.

The Court stated to McIntosh that the previous money given for Payroll is being considered as an advance and will need to be paid back to the Fiscal Court.

The Court adjourned with a unanimous vote of advancing McIntosh Ambulance Service $11,000 for Lee County Ambulance Service’s February Payroll, and will need to be paid back to the Fiscal Court, as well.

Editor/GM, The Beattyville Enterprise & Booneville Sentinel

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