Betty Crabtree

Recently one of my articles was posted to Facebook, and I was taken to task over a definition of the word stupid by a reader of the article. I could never understand his connection with the word to what I had written. 

     So, in last week’s article, there may have been some misunderstanding as to how I expressed myself but let me affirm, strongly affirm again what I quoted. For I too believe that the thoughts expressed are true! 

     The first Native American to ever be appointed Archbishop, Charles Chaput said the following and I quote. “Our real problem is spiritual, in us. We have glorified violence and selfishness, certain kinds of killing is no longer officially “killing”; sexual anarchy, personal excess, political hate, intellectual dishonesty, perverted freedoms.” I wholeheartedly agree with him! My next quote was, “we’ve created a culture where there is no God and human life is expendable and that there are lives that are disposable.” Huckabee, a former governor. Again, in wholeheartedly agree! 

      Someone said that fear is the greatest enemy of candor. Candor meaning fairness, frankness. “Out of fear, many of us conform to the opinions of others instead of following our conscience. In the west too, society demands that we be something other than what God calls us to be.” (And in giving scripture references, my first reference I said was  II Timothy but it is actually I Timothy 6.) 

      But in the Apostle Paul’s final exhortation to Timothy in Ch. 6, Timothy was told the following. “Chase after true holiness, justice, faithfulness, love, hope or patience and tender humility.” May we do so also!

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