By: Jessica L. Butler, Managing Editor

Kirk Cameron, former heartthrob to teenagers in the 80s, and now, a highly sought after speaker about love and marriage, is coming to Winchester, January 29, 2017. He has been married for 25 years, to the beautiful and talented, Chelsea Noble, who he began dating on the set of “Growing Pains”. Their relationship blossomed from there, and eventually, led to a successful marriage with 6 kids.

Kirk is bringing singer/songwriter, Warren Barfield, along for their “Love Worth Fighting For” Tour that is geared to everyone that wants a successful and long sustaining marriage, but want people from all walks of life to attend, because their main message is love.

Being a former “Material Girl” of the 80s, I jumped at the chance to talk to Kirk a couple of weeks ago about his upcoming tour.




So, why Warren Barfield as your co-host?


Kirk Cameron:

He was the singer/songwriter for the movie, “Fireproof”. I have worked with him for seven years. He sings, and tells some funny stories too. “Love Worth Fighting For” is a lot of laughing, singing, and learning. I help with the learning part by using the Bible as our resource.



Barfield says, and I quote, “the most important thing he could ever fight for is his marriage.” What do you feel is the biggest battle married couples face today?



Selfishness. It is the biggest monster to defeat. When everyone starts claiming his or her “rights” in a relationship that is ultimately what destroys it. We talk about how to overcome that selfishness by getting hearts right, and having God change us from the inside out.



What do you think is the leading cause of divorce today?



It is still selfishness, where it comes disguised as an affair, drugs, etc. We urge those to not throw in the towel, no matter the reason, because there is hope. There is a bright future for you and your spouse when you get into partnership with God. He shows you how to overcome selfishness, even when you do not feel like it. God is the breath of fresh air that those marriages, that are rooted in disaster, needs.


Jessica: Do you think a marriage certificate is absolutely necessary to being in a successful committed Christ-based relationship when some couples are that committed and faithful, but cannot afford the legal documentation of marriage, due to financial reasons, etc? One could even argue that Adam and Eve did not have a marriage certificate; yet, God honored their “marriage”.


Kirk: That is a very good question and one I have never thought of. I will look more into that before Sunday, because you are right, Adam and Eve did not have a marriage certificate.


Jessica: Do you feel that the movie “Fireproof”, which you starred in, launched you into this battle of helping others make their marriages stronger….better?


Kirk: Absolutely! So many people have come up to both Warren and myself, and said that they could relate to the characters in the movie, and they yearned for that type of successful marriage. It was what launched us into our present endeavor.


Jessica: How do you feel about Christians that do not agree on your views concerning homosexuality and same sex marriage? Do you think that affect straight marriages today?


Kirk: All I can say, if you want your relationships strong and healthy….come see “Love Worth Fighting For” and find solid wisdom and truth. The definitions of marriage are changing constantly, but God loves us enough to write a book that is consistent. There are timeless truths and eternal wisdom that is written in that book that we need to love and embrace. The most important relationship that we will ever have is with God, and He makes it clear to you, so there is no confusion. I just want to say, at the end of the day, “what does God say’?


Jessica : Your sister, Candace Cameron, is a Christian with her own successful marriage, as do you. Do you feel that the example that your parents gave, to both you and your sisters, is somewhat responsible for you and your sister’s marriage and strong faith?


Kirk: Parents have the most powerful platform in the country to be an example of a great marriage and strong faith. We have been instructed to care for those children that we are responsible for and lead with the mind, heart, and soul that God has given us. Our parents are a very good example of that. Our parents worked hard at a good marriage. They did not give up, even when it was hard. There is no better example of commitment than that.


Jessica: So, wrapping up this interview, what is the most important message that you want people to walk away with?


Kirk: Marriage IS worth fighting for! Even if it does not feel like it is worth it, it is. God can make a way, and as a friend, a brother, I want to help you find that way.


Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield will be at Central Baptist Church at 4pm in Winchester. For more information about the “Love Worth Fighting For” tour, to order tickets, or for other locations, visit