Just like good little buckaroos, members of the Republican Party are yippee-ki-yaying, kicking up dust and circling the wagons around their favorite shyster Donald Trump. Anything to distract and divert attention away from the House Select Committee’s investigation into those responsible for the deadly January 6th attacks against the U.S. Capitol.

      In a shamefully vain attempt to rewrite history, Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy claims that former President Trump had no involvement at all. In fact, the so called insurrection was nothing more than a misunderstanding, a small gathering of American Patriots, holding hands in a “Peaceful Protest.” I’ll be Captain Obvious for a moment and point out, the one gigantic glaring hole in this delusional bit of storytelling.

   The whole world, and I mean every man, woman and child on planet Earth watched as the surreal, sad, sordid affair unfolded on live-stream television! Do you know how many times the Zapruder Film of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been viewed and analyzed by experts, and it’s only 26 seconds long? 

      Well, we have hours of footage of meek and mild Trump fanatics, smashing windows, breaking down doors as they plundered and pillaged, laying waste to our Nation’s Capitol.   Do we turn a deaf ear to  the cries and moans of Policemen being beaten into submission by the mob. Are we to ignore the murderous chants to “Hang Mike Pence” or the sinister threats to hunt down that b****, Nancy Pelosi?

    The mere suggestion from the Select House Committee that telecommunication and social media companies including AT&T, Verizon, Twitter and Facebook, preserve the phone records of Donald Trump and Congressional GOP members is enough to send Republicans into full blown panic mode. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has already threatened retaliation against those companies that comply with lawful subpoenas from the Investigation Committee!

     But thanks to the    Federal Records Act, and NARA (National Archives Records Administration), Democrats don’t need McCarthy’s blessing or permission. The regulations state that all communications including emails, phone calls and work related material must be maintained and readily available for proper scrutiny by Congress. Mr. McCarthy, your witness intimidation tactic is of less concern than a toothless hound.

      Republican outrage was nowhere to be found when Donald Trump ordered the DOJ to subpoena the phone records of 10 House Democratic Congressmen and their staff to find the source of a Whitehouse leak. Republicans were giddy with anticipation when Trey Gowdy, the GOP Chairman of the Benghazi Committee, issued 70 subpoenas for the phone records, 30,000 emails and 550,000 pages of information in his failed attempt to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

     The innocent man will say, the truth will set me free, I have nothing to hide and the records will prove that. But the Republicans are worried because they know that the riots of January 6th were coordinated and organized and some members of their own party were complicit in the attacks, the day of reckoning is nigh upon us... Please stay safe my friends.

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