President Donald Trump stood on the White House lawn calling on China, a foreign, adversarial, Communist government to investigate an American citizen, his political rival Joe Biden. Are we witnessing the rantings of our very own “Mad King”, or the more sinister, vendetta driven quest for revenge? We must ask the question, what would a deranged Trump, blinded by his own ambitions, be willing to concede to China, a country that we are currently in a protracted trade war with, even if it meant going against the best interest of America, to pacify his unquenchable thirst for power and personal gain?

In the Bible we are told that Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. What was the asking price for Donald Trump, (President of the greatest Democracy in the history of the world) to remain silent and look the other way as Communist China aggresively hammers down the resistance in Hong Kong, as citizens struggle to maintain their democratic independence. As a delusional Donald “Quixote” Trump and his evermore demented squire, Rudy Giuliani, travel the countryside attacking imaginary enemies and tilting at conspiracy theories, one must wonder who's minding the store. Could it be that Moscow Mitch is running this Dog & Pony show, maybe it's Mike “Where's Mother” Pence, or just maybe Mr. President it's your Comrad, Vladimire Putin, who is the real puppet master.

Less than a month ago, Donald Trump stood before the United Nations General Assembly and accused China of currency manipulation, making billions of dollars at America's expense and stealing our intellectual property and trade secrets. Now, he's standing with his hat in hand, willing to put all that aside and trust China to investigate his democratic challenger Joe Biden. Of course the Republican leadership can't defend the stupidity or legality of Trump's request, so in a lame attempt to control the narrative, they try to pretend it was just a joke. Senator Marco“Little” Rubio, said that Trump asking China to investigate Joe Biden was not a real request. Well, the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi must have thought so because he released this statement, “China will not meddle in America's affairs, and will not investigate Joe Biden. We trust the American people will be able to sort out their own problems”.

Now that Trump realizes he may really be facing impeachment, he's back peddeling faster than a circus bear on a unicycle. His new tactic is to claim this has nothing to do with Joe Biden at all, but about his duty to root out corruption. Golly gee, Mr. President for such a stanch anti-corruption advocate, you've never voiced even the slightest bit of concern about the muderous corruption in Russia, North Korea, or Saudi Arabia. Sociologist DaShanne Stokes, wrote that “A President cannot defend a Nation, if he is not held accountable to its' laws”.

The Republican leadership that has allowed the destructive, vulgar, belligerent rantings of Donald Trump to continue unabated, are no longer just enablers but co-conspirators. But cracks are beginning to appear in the Republican wall of denial. Mitt Romney has called Trump's action “wrong and appalling”. Senator Ben Sasse said “Americans don't look to Chinese commies for the truth”. Shepard Smith at Fox News said, no President in American history has publicly asked an adversary to investigate a rival, it's illegal. A small corner of Hell must be freezing over because even Trump fanboy, Tucker Carlson has said that Trump's phone call to the Ukraine was a mistake, and there is no way to spin this as a good idea.

Our Founding Fathers warned against the threat of foreign interference in our elections, but you Donald Trump, have made a mockery of their collective wisdom and concerns. In the writings of Shakespeare we learn that, a man that offends individuals, society or nature, will therefore have to be brought down, if equilibrium is to be restored. Your legacy will be a collection of inane tweets Mr. President, and the arrogance of your words shall be your downfall.

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