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 By Emily Jacobs-President Trump thanked his lawyers and the Republicans who voted to acquit him at his second impeachment trial as he also hinted at a political comeback and called the entire affair “a sad commentary on our times.”

 Do QAnon believers really believe what the rest of us think they do? That’s an important question for those of us who aim to steer friends, family or, for that matter, the nation’s voting populace away from the crackpot cultish movement.

    There has never been an election containing more bad news for the party that won the White House than the one that just happened.

 George Stephanopoulos, the former press secretary for Bill Clinton turned ABC host, came out of the chute fast when he sat down with Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul on Sunday’s “This Week” political talk show. “Senator Paul, let me begin with a threshold question for you. This election w…

  There’s a competition brewing for the Chinese Communist Party’s most notorious lobbyist in America between Joe Biden, Jon Ossoff, and Eric Swalwell.

  The Reformers:  Among top GOP figures, the dance away from Trump is well under way, often with a pre-Trump vision. 

 A 61 percent increase in homicides last year is proof positive Seattle’s egregious tax on firearms and ammunition sales amounts to a fraud and should immediately be repealed, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

 By: Matt Vespa-We have two situations here. The liberal media and Democrats are either going to go berserk—or this will be ignored since 2020 is over and the Georgia runoffs might lead to weeks of chaos afterward. Then again, you can feel a meltdown coming with President Trump’s latest pick…

 President Donald Trump announced on Sunday evening that he was signing the coronavirus stimulus package and the government spending bill, and that he will use the Impoundment Control Act of 1974 in an attempt to get Congress to drop what he called “wasteful spending” in order to get them to…