Its a shame that I feel that Lee Greenwood and his once great song “I’m Proud to be an American” is apart of the old normal we have now lost. With the new normal we have no pride and may never return to any level of it again. In order to be a politician, you need no knowledge of history. You just destroy everything that made us great. And all you have to be is the first gay, trans, black or LGBTQ group. 

    We are spending endless dollar in support of Ukraine yet our boarders are wide open for those who want to cross over and let us pay the taxes for them. Who is supporting the tax payers? The answer is no one. I’m sure you would rather an article and not a book, so I will just get to the point instead of wasting space. We don’t have a future worth looking forward to.

      The next generation will pay greatly for the way things are now. We need Trump now more than ever. I don’t look at Trump as a republican or even politician. He is a real person who understands the problems and has proven he can get things done for America- which is why the swamp hates him and we love him so.

 - J.P.D.

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