Bumbling Biden is going to tax and spend our way out of the issues he’s responsible for and I don’t know about you but I for one feel like taxing and spending IS the problem. They keep printing more money thats already been spent and were the ones paying the taxes. It’s a never ending solution. 

     But Americans too are spending more than they have, most with no choice on healthcare, credit cards and loans. Endless spending without a way to pay a debt is stupid. But stupid is as stupid does. I would love to audit Biden’s income from Hunter which is never reported or spoke about. The rest of the swamp needs audited as well and pay up. But they won’t report their income because most of it is through the back door. 

      The dumbocrats have destroyed our country with boarder insecurities, crime, drugs and it’s only getting worse. This will lead us into war and we will lose thanks to the swamp who is also destroying our military while supporting Ukraine with our equipment. We’re going green and the rest of the world is going nuke. Time will prove this although I hope not.

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