This isn’t just my opinion, it’s a fact that Biden and the rest of our swamp should be the ones left behind in Afghanistan, due to the fact that they don’t defend or support America. Our armed forces are forced to run away at the sign of trouble. This can’t get much worse or at least I hope it can’t. Dumbocrats have completely destroyed our country from the inside out. The colors we thought would never run have done just that. We’re left with white for surrender. If you read my other articles, you may notice I repeat things often. This is because I feel so strongly about the issue or subject. Some things are not opinion, they are facts as much as I wish they weren’t.

       Last I checked, the president was supposed to work for America but Biden doesn’t know which side he’s even on. Our allies no longer trust us. Our enemies no longer fear us. We are in more fear of what this fool Biden will do next since it’s always one screw up after the other. While the remaining supplies to finish the wall lay on the ground and rust, the boarder remains open for nothing but trouble to come in. Am I only person who sees the wrong here? Is everybody blind? I don’t think so. It’s just became hard to keep up with how many things are going down hill. We’re all being pushed off a cliff, we’re just waiting in line. This is how dumb sheep react following the one in front of them. America is becoming a do-over that had no reason to happen. If only someone in Washington would stand up and do the right thing as Trump tried to do. But that isn’t what the swamp likes. Biden ran on “build back better”. Trump ran on “America first”. 

        So far Biden has definitely set America back but not built anything or made it better. Biden would do us a favor by doing nothing along with his hyena Harris who is doing wonderful things at the boarder…not. What a great team they make. in reality they both need to grow a pair and if that offends you, then so do you. I am not politically correct and I am not WOKE. But I am correct. As anyone with half a brain could see the the problem lies with people who have virgin, un-used brains. Like jumping out of a plane with a parachute and using an umbrella but I won’t insult the fools anymore. Just wake up before it’s too late. I know the fools in/out of control are at the swamp but the ones out here with the rest of the world are their support group. 

      The horrid attempt from Biden to get us out of Afghanistan will only lead us to another war fighting against our own weapons. This failure had nothing to do with Trump. Trump had a plan to support America and our troops, while being a man that other countries feared out of respect. Now we have Biden, the leader they laugh at while we Americans are the ones fearing him. To the fools who still think the election wasn’t rigged- Wake up! Now were only as good as a third world country flopping around like a fish out of water. It will be surprising if Biden manages to show any respect to the country and our troops on the anniversary of 9/11.

        He should be ashamed of the disrespect and damage he has caused to America not only from the around the world but within the country. He shouldn’t show his face in public along with vice fool Kamala. We are no longer the Unites States of America, we are the divided states of America. Biden looks weak in our eyes and to the rest of the world. It isn’t like he has ever proved himself to be capable of much though. Let’s send him to Afghanistan and leave him behind. That would be the best thing for us. God bless. Thanks for reading.

 J.P. Duddy

Who Cares? Some do-Some don’t

*Clean up your yards.* By J. Duddy

    Old water heaters, lawn mowers, mattresses and other useless items are not lawn art. It’s lazy, stupid, and crazy. Unless you are deceased, then there is no excuse for this. If you live off the main road and are not visible to most, who cares? Nobody does. 

     But if you are visible to others, show some respect towards them and yourself and clean up your yards. Most of you have pick ups so load up your crap and take it to the scrap yard. It isn’t rocket science or long division. Nobody is able to shame or embarrass most of you, because you just don’t care. Please take some time to respect yourself and those around you and clean up your yards! Thanks for reading. - Duddy

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