I really don’t enjoy writing these types of articles, but I feel some things must be said. This past Fourth of July was one of the most disrespectful ones I can remember in America with every hate group showing just how much they hate this country…..but won’t leave it, only set fire to it’s flag. As much as the BLM took their stand, others decided to follow and mimic. This shouldn’t be an issue or exist, yet we allow it to happen. They’re also backed up and supported by the swamp in Washington. If you are offended by the American Flag then take your BLM and whatever group flags you have and stick them where the sun don’t shine. 

   Now, let’s talk about drugs. Between the track runner failing her drug test (while KY can’t even get a horse to pass one) and the ones turning their back to the flag or taking a knee, our doom is set from the inside out and once again the swamp applauds it. Trump did not uphold disrespect for the country or flag or armed forces/police because he put America first. 

     Now we have no support, no respect and we’re falling apart more and more each day. Whispering Biden is too busy standing down to Russia with this “10 things not to do (but do it anyway list.” Anyone who is surprised by that is an idiot. I don’t get why the media feels we need to know more about Britney Spears or when Biden buys a cake. What little answers we get from Biden after he fumbles through some notes, is reported as little as possible. Maybe they’re ashamed to shed light to his lack of capabilities. 

   Can we, just for a minute, remember what our great flag means and stand up for it and those who died for it? No we can’t, because too many are too busy taking for granted the things and lifestyle that this country gives them. 

   I could stress the point that a lot of the so called problems we think we have, are not problems worth solving. Things will never be perfect, but we could do a lot better as citizens. If you have issues with the country or flag itself however, then I would respect you a lot if you would leave it. 

     But until then, we will agree to disagree. Hopefully in a humane manner. It isn’t a lot to ask. But in today’s time of insanity, I guess we may all end up destroying one another till were all gone. Lets not allow it or give into the insanity. If we don’t stand up against it, then what have we fought and died for? I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. We need heard, not shut up and shut down. If I’m ever standing alone on my beliefs, so be it. Thank you for your support and respect and for reading. 

- J.P. Duddy

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