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Over the past year, telehealth has proven to be an invaluable tool for health providers across Kentucky working to ensure that our patients can access vital medical care and other critical health services during the pandemic. 

  Based on the facts of numbers, Biden was not “elected”. He was appointed. From the changes in the way the election was completed, anyone could see how this train wreck would happen. Now here we are, back at the swamp of doom.    

Friday dawned crisp and cold with a nice covering of snow.  What a beautiful day. Long before the sun rose, road crews were salting and scraping county and state roads. Before the weekend was over, temperatures were rising, fog and frost covered the area and the snow vanished followed by con…

Things did get dicey for us last Tuesday as the snow started really falling around eight, but state and local road crews were on it and the sun coming out around noon made for clear, dry roads by the time folks headed home from work and school.  Well done to all the road crews.  

Hey my name is Trenton Seale,                                 

Some are complaining that Trump lies all the time. Well, lets take a closer look at that. Johnson lied about Vietnam and the War on Poverty. Nixon lied about The Water Gate Scandal. Ford lied about Nixon. Carter lied about Iran. Reagan lied about the Iran Contra Affair. Bush lied when he sai…