What would your reaction be if, Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-un proclaimed to the world, that they were "The Chosen One"? Would you laugh, would you call them crazy and deranged, just one more example of a Delusional Tyrant, drunk on their own sense of power, or would you condemn them for blasphemy. Well folks, in this bizarro world we're living, only our very own, pompous supreme leader, President Donald J. Trump, bloated with ego, standing on the White House lawn, would look up to the heavens, and declare, I am "The Chosen One"!

Only Donald Trump would have the unmitigated gall to say if a Jewish person votes for a Democrat, they are being disloyal to Israel. Earlier in the week, Trump posted a tweet from conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root, that stated, the Jewish people of Israel, love Trump like he's the "King of Israel", and the second coming of God. I think Bob Hope said it best, "No one party can fool all of the people all of the time; that's why we have two parties".

Like a stuck record, Trump keeps repeating that same old lie, that tariffs are good and are only hurting China and have not cost the United States anything. Well, even the "amen corner" at Fox News are now admitting that the President is wrong. In fact it's the American consumer and American companies that are paying the tariff cost and not China. The former Federal Reserve Chairman, Stanley Fischer, was quoted saying that, "The President is trying to destroy the global trading system, and the greatest threat to the International Monetary System is Trump". Economists estimate that the trade war is costing U.S. Companies and consumers more than $3 billion a month!

In the "reap what you sow department", American farmers are really being hit hard by Trump's self-inflicted trade war, in the past three years soybean exports to China have fallen 80%. The National Farmers Union say that Trump is making things worse not better, instead of trying to solve existing problems he's only creating more. Senator Lindsey Graham, one of Trump's most zealous cheerleaders, continues to drink the kool-aid and says that Americans should just accept the pain of the trade war. Trump has become so flustered that he's now declared that all U.S. Companies are "Hereby Ordered" to cease and desist any business dealings with China. Now wait a minute Mr. President, but wouldn't trying to sieze "State Control" of American Companies be the text book definition of "Socialism"? To quote Foghorn Leghorn,"I made a funny son, and your not laughin"!

At a time when our young people are drowning in student loan debt, 39 million hard working citizens live below the poverty line and 42% of American families are making $15 bucks an hour or less, the ever more erratic Trump is wanting to buy the country of Greenland. I guess you can take the boy out real estate but you can't take real estate out of the boy. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiken called the idea absurd, and thankfully the time when you can buy and sell other countries and populations is over. Of course, Trump was offended and called her comments "nasty", that's his go to word when dealing with a strong independent woman.

Two Republicans have announced they are running for President, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who calls Trump a clear and present danger to the United States. And former Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois, who recently said, "you can't believe a word Trump says, he's nuts, he's erratic, he's cruel, he stokes bigotry and he's incompetent. The only thing he cares about is Trump, and he doesn't give a damn about America". Wow, the Chosen One's twitter finger is really going to get a workout with Republican friends like these.

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