Passionately Pink Cancelled For 2021

   The Passionately Pink Committee met last week to discuss this year’s upcoming fundraising event. 

   Due to the Covid-19 Virus dangers and restrictions,  after much thought and many prayers the in person Passionately Pink Auction for 2021 has been canceled.  

   The committee are heart broken to have to make this choice but we must obey the guidelines  to keep everyone safe. 

    There are many people in our community that are battling Cancer and other life threatening illnesses. They still need financial support. With that being said,  The Passionately Pink Committee asks if you find it in your heart to support our efforts this year, you consider making a monetary donation. Since they cannot hold an in person auction, a couple of  suggestions, you could donate the amount you would spend to put a basket for the auction together, or for the amount you plan to spend at the in person auction. However, they gladly accept any and all donations.

 They are thankful for any and all as each dollar helps provide financial support for someone who is struggling as they battle their illnesses. Donations can be made directly to the Passionately Pink Account at People’s Exchange Bank in Beattyville KY or given to any committee member Jamie L. Stickler  Tami Butler Stickler  Rhonda J Isaacs Estes  Patty Cole Lesa Caudill David Land or myself Teresa Warner Noe.  Please feel free to message any of us to donate or if you have any questions.

   God is good! Through the support of our community and a few donations from other counties and states Passionately Pink  was blessed to provide financial support for 37 local people since March 2020. The committee thanks you! They thank you in advance for your continued support as Passionately Pink continues to provide financial support for those battling cancer and other life threatening illnesses during these difficult times.


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