OCTOBER 5, 2020 — Beginning this week, PRTC is returning approximately $375,000 in Capital  Credit payments to its subscribers. “We are proud that we can return these funds to our  members. We invest in Jackson and Owsley Counties to provide the finest and most  advanced communications services possible,” said Keith Gabbard, PRTC CEO. “This is an  investment not just in our community, but also our future.” 

As a non-profit membership organization, PRTC distributes a share in its annual operating  margins back to its shareholders – PRTC subscribers. This is in addition to the approximate  $100,000 to be paid to settle estates this year. This adds up to an incredible $13 million in total  refunds since 1995. 

Members should start receiving their capital credit checks on or after October 10th. Your  capital credit check is one of the added benefits of doing business with a cooperative.  PRTC appreciates your business. Keep investing in your network and you’ll keep reaping  the benefits. 

During these difficult times of being apart, PRTC has remained committed to keeping  everyone connected. In addition to the internet, IPTV and home telephone services, PRTC  boosted everyone’s broadband speeds and provided free wireless hot spots. PRTC customer  service lobbies have been closed but drive-thru windows and a 24/7 help line have helped  business continue while newly implemented protective measures have helped keep  customers and staff safe. 

The PRTC Board of Directors voted to cancel the 2020 Annual Meeting, scheduled for Octo ber 17th, due to safety concerns with COVID-19. We look forward to seeing you again in  2021.


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