Recent LC Court Appearances 

9/9/21 Commonwealth vs Timothy S Flinchum- pretrial

9/10/21 Commonwealth vs Destiney Downs- pretrial

Rebecca L Mcintosh vs Kevin Mcintosh- Domestic/interpersonal violence

9/14/21 The Commonwealth of KY vs the following: 

Charles P Booth- DUI, 2 counts endangering welfare of a child, open alcohol in vehicle, carrying deadly weapon, no seatbelt, possession drugs.

Stanley Couch III- status hearing- DUI, no rear mirror, no insurance

Jordan S Noe- status hearing- possession stolen items

Trevor combs- status hearing- DUI, possession 

Tonya Stamper- other- theft under $500

Leslie Benson- status hearing- unlawful transaction w/ child

Darren Marshall- pretrial- 11 counts illegal take of wildlife

Steven Nelson Hall- pretrial- DUI, ATV violations, no insurance

Clarence J Sipple- pretrial- fleeing scene of accident

Steven Helton- pretrial- DUI, reckless driving

John White- pretrial- DUI

Jason Jewell- status hearing- DUI, dis. Conduct

Angel Watts- pretrial- 2nd degree cruelty to animals

Shannon Barrett- pretrial- 3 counts fail to use child restrain device in vehicle, DUI, endangering the welfare of a child

Erin Desiree Thorpe- pretrial- threatening

Alyssa Helton- arraignment- fail to send child to school

Makayla Gail Nelson- pretrial

Robert Griffith- pretrial- DUI, no insurance

Upcoming LC Court Appearances 

9/17/21The Commonwealth vs the following: 

Fred Wayne Reed- sentencing- trafficking meth

Daniel A Noble- sentencing- murder

James Cornett- status hearing- 2 counts sexual abuse, 1 count indecent exposure, 2 counts bribing witness, 1 count promoting sexual performance by a child under age 16, 1 count promoting sexual performance by child under age 18

Rita Noble- sentencing- murder, tampering evidence

Edward McDaniel- other- unpaid support

Christopher J Keller- status hearing- trafficking meth

Camille Congleton- motion hr- possession meth, DUI

Brandy Crim- sentencing- trafficking meth

Sarah Couch- status hearing- trafficking synthetic drugs

Kendell Towns- arraignment- trafficking synthetic drugs

Tim Shuler- status hearing- manslaughter

Rusty Collins- motion hr- possession meth

Steven Thompson- arraignment- trafficking meth

9/21/21 Commonwealth vs Richard Beachtel- arraignment 

Commonwealth vs Shane Kidd- pretrial

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